Water Softener Discharge Pumps

I recently installed a softener in my home that has a well & septic system. I am not able to discharge the system into the septic leaving the only option to discharge outside. I have a small (15 gallon) container that holds the discharge but (think) I need to find the means to pump the water once I reach 10, or so gallons in the container (i.e working automatically like a submersible sump pump). The pump will need to push the water vertically 7′ then horizontally 4′. All I have found are large sump pumps that I think are over kill. Is there a small pump for such an application?

Answer:  Actually, the least expensive pump that is available for this application is probably a sump pump.  Smaller pumps may cost less, but generally do not incorporate level/float activation.  They would run continuously, and in the long term cost more in electricity and maintenance.  A sump pump is your best bet.

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