Brine tank not refilling up to the same level after a regen.

I have an Autotrol water softener. After a regen the water level in the brine tank is not coming back up to the level it was at before the regen with the result that I have to refill it manually. Any ideas on the cause? Thank you in advance.

Answer:  From your previous post it seems that you have an Autotrol Logix 255.  These controls come in two versions – the 760 and the 762.  In the 760 programming, you can set a High salt setting of 15 pounds salt per ft3 resin, a Standard setting of 9 pounds, and a Low setting of 3.5 pounds.  1 cubic foot is equal to 32,000 grains exchange capacity, and 3 pounds of salt dissolve into a gallon of water.  So if we assume that you have a 32K softener, then you would have a refill of 5 gallons, 3 gallons, or about 1 gallon.

The other version (762) allows you to set the salt to your specific preference, but if you do not adjust this setting, then you will have the default 9 pounds, and a refill of 3 gallons.

If the refill volume matches these setting, then you may be adding too much water unnecessarily.  If the unit is not refilling enough, check to see if your injector or injector screen is plugged again.  Hope this helps!

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