Brine tank always full to top with water

We have a Clack Corp. water softener (0809GDF) that came with the house when we purchased. The salt storage tank is always full of water and overflows when we add salt. I asked the installer to take a look at it, and his reply was we could try dipping the water out. Maybe there is a different solution?

Answer:  There could be a couple of causes, but the problem is that you seem to not be drawing solution during the brine draw stage.  A standard design softener refills a measured amount of water into the brine tank during regeneration.  This water dissolve the salt, and becomes saturated.  During the next regeneration stage, the water softener will draw all of this water (not brine solution) from the tank, and pass it through the resin bed to perform the automatic regeneration process.  You can read more about this process on our site.

In your case, the brine solution is not being drawn for the tank, and in an additive process, the water level gets higher and higher  with each regeneration cycle. Eventually, the safety float contained within the brine well stops the refill process – which is likely where you are now.  The vacuum that is created to draw the brine is caused by an internal venturi within the water softener control valve.   If the resin bed is fouled (needing replacement) this may cause too low of a flow to create the required vacuum.  There may also be a blockage or restriction in the drain line, which would also cause a low flow, and resulting loss of brine draw.  Other possibilities are salt “bridging” , which is the accumulation of solidified salt in the bottom of the brine tank that is preventing the brine solution from being drawn into the softener.  The last possibility is that you have an air leak in the brine line, however this is most commonly seen when the unit was recently installed or moved.  A document that discusses how to resolve an air leak can be found on our site under the services menu.  Hope this helped!

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