Corrosion on pipes and electrical outlet copper turning black

I am buying a house and there is corrosion on the plumbing fixtures and water supply line fittings.   Copper wiring from some electrical outlets are black.  There is little water in the salt tank.  Both bladder tanks are full of water. The water softener hose is not connected, the aerator tank is dirty and has film covering the upper portion of the water.  can this be causing the wiring in the house to turn black?

Answer: The water quality would have nothing to do with the electrical wiring – we are not electricians – but suspect the problem may be due to poor grounding.  We would recommend that you contact an electrician for his opinion. 

The corrosion of the plumbing fixtures may be due to low water pH or a high level of hardness.  The slimy film is indicative of an iron bacteria problem.  The corrosion on the piping may only be due to the pipe installer using an acid based flux, and not cleaning the joint well when soldering is complete.  To resolve you water problems, you should first obtain a water analysis.  We offer one for free on out site. Hope this helps!

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