Eco Water System Series 2000

I have an ECO Water System 2000 that will not stop its regeneration process. I have unplugged the DC transformer for the unit, bypassed the unit and it continues to run the back wash cycle. I have a well system and the constant back wash cycle cause my well pump to continue to run. I have turned off the main water line from my well hoping that this would stop the cycle from the water softener it did sort of. I thought that if I left the main water valve off for a 1/2 hour or so that it would stop the water softeners process but it has not, every time I turn the main water back on the water softener start drawing water. Without main water I cannot flush toilet, take showers etc. Is there any way to stop the (Satan–the water softener) from drawing water?

Answer: Your softener seems to have failed during the regeneration process at a stage when water is running to drain.  This probably means the motor drive has failed, or another mechanism has become jammed, and the water softener will not advance back into service position. Normally, the way to stop water from running to drain in this situation is to simply by-pass the unit.  You mention that you already have done this, and it may be that your by-pass valve is also defective.  Make sure that you are by-passing the unit correctly.  If we recall properly, your unit uses a “slider” type by-pass, and with the slider pushed “IN” the unit is by-passed, and pulled “OUT” it would be in normal service.  If you have the unit plumbed in with three ball valves instead of a the Eco Water by-pass, be sure that both the inlet and outlet valves are fully closed, and the valve between these is in the open position.

If you have already done as described above, then the by-pass system is defective.  As this unit does not have any way for manual regeneration control, to put it back into service position, you would need to take it apart to gain access to the internal mechanism and force rotor/disc back into service position.  We are not familiar with the procedure to do this, and we would recommend that you consult an ECO Water dealer for instructions or assistance.  Doing this may stop the flow of water to drain, but do not reconnect the electrical supply, as you want to be sure that the unit does not again advance into regeneration, and cause the same problem to reoccur.

The only other way to reestablish the water supply to the house in the short-term is to turn off the water supply, and either repair/replace the by-pass system, or physically remove the water softener and re-plumb.  It may or may not be cost effective to repair the unit, and if you decide to purchase a new softener, you might take a look at some of the units we offer at our site on the metered water softener page.

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