Were do you install your water softener on well applications

I recently purchased a WATER BOSS 400 softener from Menards. It was the large capacity one. First question is this a good softener? The last one I had was a sears Kenmore.

Next question; my last softener was hooked up to only my inlet for my hot water heater. I have a well, and I was told to hook it up so the whole system gets soft water. But do you install it before or after the expansion tank? I’m afraid before it might get to much pressure from the outside pump, but after it regulated to 60 psi.
Any help would be appreciated my hardness setting was 38.  Thank you.

Answer:  First question; that softener should work well for you – a step-up from what you had in the past.

Second question, you must install a water softener AFTER the pressure tank.  Besides the pressure issue, and other problems due to a potential vacuum condition, a water softener needs to be installed on a line with constant water pressure available. Treat both the hot and cold water line, just place it after the expansion tank before it branches off to the hot water heater.

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