Parts source for Water-Right Sanitizer?

I currently have a Water-Right Sanitizer. Can anyone tell me where I can order repair parts on-line? I’m looking to order simple replacement parts like the injector and injector cap O-ring, etc. Thanks in advance.

Answer:  We have the parts – but what you need would depend on the age of your unit.  The Water-Right Sanitizer used to be built on a Fleck 2510 valve body, but the newer ones were built using a Clack WS1.  If you are not sure which you have, check the by-pass valve. If it attached to the valve body using stainless clips found on either side of the by-pass, then it’s a Fleck 2510.  If the by-pass attached to the valve using two large plastic knurled knobs, then it’s a Clack WS1.  You can let us know what you need, and which valve you have by email at, and we will quote a price to you.


  1. RangeMan says:

    Thanks for the help and the info. I checked online and compared my valve to the ones you mention and it does not seam to match either one. It is the valve shown on page 15 of the following user manual:

    Thanks again!

  2. We think you may be referring to the shape of the cover – the Sanitizer uses a specific cover designed to give the valve a different look – we were referring to the valve that is contained inside. From the picture, it would appear that the unit is a Fleck 2510 with a 3200 metered control, but we cannot be sure. Open the door, and compare it to the timer pictured on page 6 of the manual for the 2510 found at and let us know if this is the same. Thanks!

  3. RangeMan says:

    I checked and no it does not look anything like the 2510. My control is all digital, no dials or gears to turn to set the time etc. My last system used a Fleck and the piston moved in a verticle position. In this valve the piston moves in the horizontal from front to back. Maybe this will help, the parts I’m currently looking for are as follows:

    Item No. 9, Part No. FP18272-1 Description: 4200 injector #1 white QTY: 2
    Item No. 15, Part No. FP18301 Description: injector capseal 0-ring QTY: 4
    Item No. 29, Part No. WR00030 Description: chlorine generator QTY: 1

    These parts are all found on page 15 of the Sanitizer user manual:

  4. Yep – that’s a Fleck 2510 with a digital SE control – slightly different valve design made specifically for Water Right by Fleck (Pentair Corporation). The chlorine generator we can’t supply – you would have to get it from a Water Right dealer. Might as well get all the parts from them, as the injector and o-ring are inexpensive anyway. Try – they will be able to help you out.

  5. RangeMan says:

    Thanks again for your help and information. I will contact sanatoga water.

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