Water Right Sanitizer Plus Series 1

We have a Water Right Sanitizer Plus Series, Model ASP1-1054.  We have had huge problems with our water – high manganese, high iron, new well and then this Sanitizer after the new well was installed.  It has been a year and now we are starting to have water that smells again – smells of gasoline to me.  Any ideas, thoughts about what is going on?

Answer: Based only on your comment that your water is beginning to have an odor similar to gasoline – if this is indeed a VOC (volatile organic compound) like gasoline – then the system you currently have installed is not designed to remove this contaminant. If you suspect that there is a VOC contamination in your well, we would suggest that you have a complete analysis performed by a local state certified testing laboratory to determine if these contaminants are present. If they are (and depending on what VOCs are present, and the concentration), there are a variety of different methods available for removing them from your water. Just let us know.

However, it is also possible that the odor you mention is simply due to iron, manganese, sulfur or some combination of the above. The Sanitizer uses an alumina-silicate zeolite media in conjunction with an internal automatic chlorine generation system, to soften water, remove iron & manganese, and reduce odors due to bacteria and low levels of H2S. However, the system has it limits, and your water may contain contaminants that exceed the design parameters of the equipment.

You might want to send our laboratory a sample of your water for a no-charge analysis. We would suggest that you send us both a pre-treatment sample, as well as one taken after the Sanitizer. This way we will be able to measure the level of incoming contaminants, and also determine how well your system is currently functioning. Again, please remember that we cannot measure VOC compounds – our lab will only measure hardness, iron, manganese, total dissolved solids, and pH.

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