Water softener won’t stop regeneration

My water softener does not shut off.  It is in regeneration and won’t stop, it has been running for over 12 hours.

Answer:  There are a few possible causes for this, and determining the cause and possible repair will depend on first identifying what type of control is used in your water softener.  However, a common problem is that deposits (scale – hardness) buildup over time on valves or seals contained within your control, and these valves/seals can become lodged into position.  The motor that runs your control through regeneration tries to advance the process -  but can’t – as the valves/seals are frozen into place.  If you have an electrical based softener control, we would recommend that you unplug it, as leaving it plugged in will only place strain on the motor.

Another possibility is that the motor that drives this process is burned out.  This does not necessarily mean that simply replacing the motor will resolve the problem, as the seals/valves we discussed above may have become stuck, and the load placed on the motor may have also burned it out.  You may still need to replace the valves and/or seals.

There are other possibilities, but these are the common ones. If you have a by-pass installed, you should by-pass the softener until the problem is resolved. With most units, seals/valves and timer motors can be replaced, and we would suggest that you contact a local service technician to resolve this problem. If you intend to repair the unit yourself, and know what parts you require, please let us know.  We may carry them, or can refer you to a company that does.

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