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I have installed this GNSH45E (45,000 Grain) GE Water Softener System about 7 years ago, but it only worked OK for about 2-3 years. Since then this water softener has been down due to control PCB went bad last 6 months. However, I am NOT interested to use GE Water Softener any more. I will appreciate if you can recommend the better water softener to me. We live in San Jose area, California, and the house living area is about 1200 sf, and 3 people in the house. So far, I have seen those Aqua-Pure and Fleck water softener seems better, but I would like know the basic idea about the difference between those many kind of wafer softener as below and your recommendation.

Aqua-Pure 5564007-NWS150M Metered Water Softener
Aqua-Pure CS2001-CS2001 Water Softener
Aqua-Pure AWS 100M – 150M Advanced Water Softener
Aqua-Pure CWS Series Water Softener w/bypass valve (Range 13-1/2, 14.3, 18-1/2GPM)
Aqua-Pure Chrome CWS Series Water Softener w/bypass valve (Range 13-1/2, 14.3, 18-1/2GPM)
Fleck 5600SXT Digital Control (64,000 grains of hardness) from Pentair CO.
Fleck 7000SXT Digital Control (70,000 grains of hardness) from Pentair CO.

Thank you so much.

Answer: Just saw this as a draft – published it for you. Anyway, to answer your question, you actually list some standard water softener controls here, incorporated into systems marketed with private label brand names. All of the controls used in the these systems are pretty good ones – all have 5-year warranties, and Fleck and Autotrol are different operating divisions of the same parent company – Pentair. The Aqua-Pure brand is market by Cuno. Here is a list of the controls we believe are used in the systems you mention, and our brief comments regarding each:

Aqua-Pure NWS150M – uses the Fleck 5600 Econominder control, and is 48,000 grain in capacity. This control is used in our WS4C system. Good control for ¾ inch piping – however, we would recommend the 5600SXT microprocessor based control – more features similar price.

Aqua-Pure CS2001 – uses the Fleck 2750 brass body Econominder valve/control, and is 64,000 grain in capacity. Good valve, brass body is mostly used in commercial applications due to expense. Again, we would recommend this unit configured with the SXT control. This is a 1 inch control – use in 1” piping applications. This unit is not available from us online, and we use it for light duty commercial application. You can always call us for a quote if interested.

Aqua-Pure AWS – uses the Autotrol 268 Logix control. Not sure if it uses the limited 760 control, or the fully adjustable 762 control. Good 1 inch valve/control. The model 100 is 32,000 grain, and the 150 is 48,000 grain capacity. We use the 762 version in our WS3LM-HC.

Aqua-Pure CWS – uses the Clack 1 inch WS1 control. Good control. We would caution you against purchasing the CWS series online, as they are configured using Clack WS1 valves, and the manufacturer of this valve has barred sale of softeners equipped with this control on the internet. Only consider purchasing this system from a local distributor, as parts, service and warranty support may be an issue. The “chrome” simply means that it is the same softener, but with a plastic jacket to give it a chrome appearance. We do not offer this system any longer online.

Fleck 5600SXT – as we discussed above, good valve and control. We use the same control in our WS4M system. Be sure it is supplied with good quality resin, by-pass valve, a round brine tank with backup safety float and brine tank grid.

Fleck 7000 SXT – there are two “flavors” of this valve. One configured for 1 inch piping applications, and another one configured for 1.25 inch piping. We use this configured for 1.25 inch in our WS5M-HS system.

You can see some of our systems that use these controls on our site.

Hope this helps!

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