New salt added…how long does it take to feel?

I posted yesterday regarding whether I had soft water or not.  I went ahead and filled my water softener above the halfway point with salt last night and regenerated the water softener.  I was able to see the salt level visually decrease about 2-3 inches.  I expected to feel a difference this morning in the water “feel” in the shower but didn’t really notice it.  Does it take awhile to drain the hot water heater of the existing “softer” water?  Would I be able to tell the impact on cold water right away?  Are there some simpler tests (besides the test kits) I can do at home to see the difference in hard and soft water?

Answer: You should receive softened water on the cold water side very quickly.  It’s true that the hard water contained within the hot water tank will take some time to exchange with the newly softened water, but this will happen within a day or two.  Commonly available test kits that use litmus paper are sometimes not very accurate, but you can visit a pool supply store where you should be able to find a better quality drop (titration) test kit.  In addition, many pool and water softener suppliers will test your water for hardness at no charge.  You can send our company a sample of your water for a free analysis if you prefer.

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