My water softner seems to be constantly Running

When I go to add salt to my water softner lately it seems to be running 24/7.  What would cause this?

Answer: This probably means that it’s not functioning correctly.  When you say it ‘seems to be running’, do you mean that there is always water exiting to drain?  If this is the case, then the unit is stuck in a regeneration cycle, and not returning to conditioned water (service) position.  We would recommend that you by-pass the unit to conserve water, and contact your service technician.  If you do not have a company that services the unit, or would perhaps like to service it yourself, we would need to know the type of water softener you have to assist you further.  If the water softener is not a major brand, but you can identify the control valve used, this should be sufficient.  You can always take a look at the units on our CAI Technologies site, and see if any of them look like yours.  If you are still not able to identify the unit, just take a digital picture of the control and email it to us at

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